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How is a portable Interactive Panel Device transforming current classrooms?

portable Interactive Panel

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Generation Z students need a collective and collaborative digital learning experience. TutorPlus, a portable Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD), empowers the current education model with its interactivity and hybrid classroom supporting ability. Spark the creativity and innovation in young minds with your intrinsic teaching capability from anywhere with TutorPlus. 

As a¬†stakeholder of¬†the¬†education industry,¬†you would definitely¬†need the best gadget and easy-to-use solution to engage the¬†students in the present technology-dominated world.¬†Grabbing the¬†students’¬†attention in distracting¬†environments would¬†be¬†challenging¬†for you.¬†Investing in interactive flat panel¬†Display (IFPD) and approaching the¬†subjects¬†with compelling¬†content can ensure that students are kept at the edge of their seats.¬†Students¬†will¬†be interested¬†in¬†the¬†more sophisticated technology¬†than what they use regularly.¬†¬†

What is an Interactive Flat Panel Display?

In general, Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) is an upgraded version of the Interactive White Board (IWB). It is like a giant tablet stuck to the wall displaying some exciting content. It allows you to interact with the electronic files with the gestures on display. IFPs are created to generate a collaborative experience in the classrooms and office spaces.  

Digital projectors and traditional whiteboards encourage passive viewing and limited engagement. But interactive flat panel displays for education help teachers/tutors/educators create modern, data-centric classrooms that promote collaborative learning. 

The latest software developments for interactive flat panel displays include analytics to help educators assess student responsiveness, keep track of attendance, and get a better picture of the classroom condition. Teachers can also record the lectures in the classroom and share them afterward effortlessly. 

Imagine taking a 75″¬†IFP¬†along with you to teach from wherever¬†you are;¬†really,¬†is it possible?¬†The answer is an absolute¬†yes¬†when¬†you have something incredible¬†like¬†TutorPlus.¬†A¬†typical IFP¬†is still not equipped with¬†all the¬†latest requirements of the¬†teachers. The¬†times¬†are changing; teachers¬†require¬†more than¬†those¬†features like interactivity,¬†collaboration abilities in the¬†gadget.¬†TutorPlus¬†has¬†given all the wings¬†to the teachers¬†with¬†the¬†latest features¬†to teach effectively.¬†

Let us explore the outstanding features of TutorPlus, a portable Interactive Flat Panel Solution 

Why TutorPlus, a portable Interactive Flat Panel, is favorite of teachers?

1. Retrofits on Any Display and Flexible

The teachers¬†started teaching from wherever they¬†were. The online¬†teaching¬†pattern got wired into¬†the¬†teaching ecosystem¬†post-pandemic.¬†Suppose you¬†want to teach¬†from your home and you desire to have¬†an interactive flat panel¬†with you. TutorPlus is a portable¬†device¬†that supports¬†low¬†light conditions,¬†and you¬†don’t¬†need any¬†other device¬†like¬†an¬†additional camera and mic to record and¬†stream¬†your class.¬†¬†It is flexible to teach from¬†anywhere.¬†¬†

TutorPlus is flexible and fits¬†the screen of varied sizes.¬†TutorPlus can fit any display unit like¬†a¬†32″¬†to 75″¬†TV, which¬†is already¬†at¬†your home.¬†It can be set up in¬†no time.¬†Teachers can teach¬†from anywhere. It has¬†the¬†instant¬†live streaming option and all the digital teaching tools.¬†It is flexible¬†to the environment wherever you teach.¬†¬†

2. Natural writing experience

Although writing on the IFP does not have the same feel as annotating on a whiteboard, the 3D touch detecting camera of TutorPlus can provide a lag-free and natural writing experience. With a response time of 125 million dots per second, it outperforms any other gadget on the market. TutorPlus has the lowest latency and highest accuracy in the market. With TutorPlus, teachers would never miss their traditional whiteboarding. It has a unique function called Palm-Rejection technology that allows you to take support on the display while writing. 

3. Collaboration to the Next Level

The next generation of students is consuming data through digital media. Suppose your students carry a personal device to the classroom; they can view the entire whiteboard on their screen. TutorPlus has a feature to invite students to the same canvas with a simple QR code. Students can co-annotate on the same document which is shared on cloud space. 

Teachers can create quizzes, group activities and conduct puzzle-solving sessions efficiently. They can edit and write simultaneously on a project. IFPs enable students to share and present their work efficiently. The current trend is the hybrid classroom. The students join the classroom virtually. They need to join and collaborate with the in-class students effortlessly. 

4. Dedicated software for easy lesson creation

An appealing classroom lecture depends on the creation and delivery of a lesson. The built-in teaching software has many digital tools to make learning more engaging. There are many different presentation templates from which to choose. There are a plethora of mind map templates available to make summarization simple. You can focus solely on content creation. With a seamless writing experience, you can just draft the information in your handwriting, and the software will convert it into text instantaneously. The images can be instantly downloaded from the browser and added to the presentation. The software autocorrects it to the desired shape when drawing a geometrical figure.  

The digital documents like PPTs, PDFs, Images you can upload from the device space, mobile with simple QR scan. You can annotate on the document and take advantage of explaining the content effectively. These tools will allow you to unleash your creative teaching style. Every component required for the teaching is readily available for you on TutorPlus. 

5. Record, save, and share

Making notes during classroom discussions for the next generation of students is boring. TutorPlus suite allows you to save the subject flow and share it with the students for further reference. Eliminate the use of paper in the classroom by going entirely digital. Students and teachers can easily refer to previous lectures and class running notes with the save and share option. 

Why do managements love TutorPlus?

1. Affordability

If you own a small brick-and-mortar academy, an online coaching institute, or a large reputed institute. TutorPlus can cater to every need of you in making online teaching successful. With the increasing classroom size, you need to have a bigger screen. But large interactive Flat Panels Display costs more. TutorPlus can be an efficient solution for this case. 

Purchasing IFP and connecting video conferencing equipment to gain access to all of the capabilities of the TutorPlus device is a costly affair. The TutorPlus can connect to your existing televisions/display units to create a perfect collaborative and interactive digital classroom. TutorPlus lowers the cost of purchasing new equipment. The device itself is less expensive and more efficient than any other device on the market. Making new hybrid classrooms can be done at a lower cost. Buying a 75″ display unit with TutorPlus and turning it into IFP is more cost-effective than purchasing a typical 75″ IFP.¬†

2. Remote students' inclusivity

Every¬†teacher’s¬†top objective¬†is to¬†make¬†classrooms¬†more collaborative and¬†successful. Remote students¬†are the most¬†important¬†consideration. Lack of video conferencing¬†facilities¬†in IFPs¬†unintentionally¬†excludes¬†remote students.¬†Teachers¬†should use additional¬†cameras¬†and mic set up in the classrooms, disturbing¬†the in-class¬†students’¬†screen¬†visibility¬†and focus.¬†

The general design of the¬†TutorPlus¬†can provide an inclusive environment for remote students.¬†Unlike any other common IFP, the TutorPlus device features a high inclusivity level.¬†TutorPlus¬†has exceptional¬†audio and video recording abilities. The 110 deg ultra-wide 1080p¬†camera allows¬†online students a complete view of the classroom, including teachers’¬†faces¬†and students,¬†and¬†simultaneously screen.¬†Active¬†noise-canceling¬†mic array¬†cancels out extra noises like fan sound, paper flipping¬†sounds in the classrooms¬†and airs¬†only¬†the¬†teacher’s¬†voice. It can¬†capture the teacher’s voice¬†even from¬†a¬†5m¬†distance¬†which helps¬†the teacher¬†be involved¬†with remote and in-class¬†students.¬†


Interactive flat panel display have transformed the way teachers teach. They can be taken to the next level with TutorPlus, an affordable and portable IFP with extraordinary features. TutorPlus can give more ease in exploring modern teaching capabilities. Teachers can instantly pull the images, videos, and slides onto the screen and annotate while explaining. It can be broadcast to remote students with live streaming software or video conferencing software. TutorPlus can be used to create IFP with the latest abilities. It is economical and easy to use.  

TutorPlus is available for purchase on Amazon. Click here

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