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Top 5 reasons why every teacher should buy TutorPlus


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Education has taken a major shift from the four walls of the school to teaching from anywhere around the globe. While students now can choose their own course, subject and teachers, the latter have expanded their boundaries to meet the requirements. Innumerable products have come into the market attempting to make this teaching experience a seamless one. But not all have been successful. However, Kneura’s TutorPlus, which is specifically designed for Tutors teaching from home, has made the whole process effortless.

Therefore, here are 5 remarkable reasons on why Tutors should buy TutorPlus

◉ Convert your existing TV into Digital Whiteboard​

Gone is the days of waiting for students to come into class and be seated to conduct a lecture. With schools being shut for more than a year now, teachers can conduct the class in the comforts of their home with the help of TutorPlus. It is a palm-sized device that can be mounted on any display to convert it into an interactive one. This enables teachers to plug it onto basic display like their television to start using it as their board. It is easy to carry and install making it a hassle-free experience for teachers to teach.

◉ Create and record lessons in few minutes​

Preparing for a lecture has never been easier. With TutorPlus, you can create courses of your own in less than 5 minutes. It allows you to browse through the internet, drag and drop images, videos from unlimited resources. You can then present the same during a class thereby saving you both time and effort.

◉ Reach out to a larger student base via online channels​

The sole purpose of taking classes online is to expand your boundaries. TutorPlus allows you to connect with your students through popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook. This helps you conduct classes seamlessly with students connecting throughout the globe. Your lessons and classes can be accessed by anyone anywhere. It also provides the option of livestreaming lectures or recording them or do both at the same time i.e., livestreamed classes can be recorded and be saved just like your self-curated notes anbe shared with students which further improves your student-teacher engagement.

◉ Look good and sound great without the need of external camera and mic during Online Classes​

While tutoring online, video and audio quality are the pillars of the session. With an in-built 1080p FHD camera and a noise cancellation mic-array, TutorPlus does this for you effortlessly. The camera enhances your video to an exponential level even when in dim light. It recognizes and captures you in the best possible frame producing the finest image. The mic-array cancels background noise and disturbances and focuses only on your voice. It detects and records only your speech even when you are in motion or standing in the farthest end of the room. This feature takes your classes a notch higher than the rest on the internet.

◉ Indulge in the best high precision writing experience better than any Interactive panel​

One of the biggest concerns for teachers using  has been the lag on the screen while writing. TutorPlus comes with a high-precision stylus that makes this process efficient. The No Parallax feature of the stylus helps conduct classes without any lag while writing, annotating or drawing. Writing on the panel is now as smooth as writing on a regular board.

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