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TutorPlus Vs. Interactive Flat Panel (IFP): Which is better for your digital classroom?

IFP VS TutorPlus Which is Better?

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Education across the world is in a progressive stage. Teachers are struggling a lot to connect to students with old and outdated technology. Students now stay connected in this smart world always. They have easy access to digital services and knowledge. Teachers need to upgrade themselves from the old white marker boards to digital tools to engage the students in this era. 

The introduction of interactive flat panels has significantly benefited the quest for better student engagement. They provide all of the advantages of classic whiteboards while allowing for significantly more interactivity and facilitating increased collaboration.  

Interactive Panels are practically everywhere in this digital realm. In every school, institution, office, or organization, it has become a standard tool. When it comes to Educational institutions it is not just about technology. The aim is to have a simple solution with maximum features at an affordable price. 

Here we shall compare the features of Interactive Flat Panel Vs. TutorPlus

1. Interactivity

Interactive Flat Panel comes with in-built touch screen interactivity. TutorPlus converts small to large displays into touchscreens, allowing multiple users to write, edit, and create onscreen for dynamic multimedia presentations and creative brainstorming. Both can establish technical, conceptual, and physical interactivities and give an engaging learning experience. 

2. Teaching Tools

A ready-to-use whiteboard in Interactive Flat Panel with built-in annotation tools that encourage collaboration and show captivating images, movies, animations, and any other sort of material makes creative sharing simple. Digital whiteboarding software blends cloud-based portability and annotation features to improve remote collaboration. 

TutorPlus has wide range of teaching tools included as an Interactive Flat Panel. But, TutorPlus stands above the Interactive Flat Panel because it has dedicated cloud connected software, which enables teachers to save and share lessons with students.

Using TutorPlus software, the teacher can invite students to co-annotate on the same whiteboard simultaneously from wherever they are and from any device. 

3. Lag-free writing

Writing on the Interactive Flat Panel may not give you a feel of Whiteboard annotating as they are sensitive to hand touch and doesn’t allow you to freely rest your palm on display while writing. But¬†the¬†3D¬†touch detecting¬†camera in the¬†TutorPlus¬†can give you a lag-free and natural writing experience with the¬†unique feature, Palm-Rejection¬†technology.¬†.

The response time of TutorPlus is the best in the industry. Teachers would never miss their typical whiteboard with the Turtorplus device. 

4. Online teaching, recording & streaming

With TutorPlus, students no need to carry or take notes and keep piles of paper on hand; they¬†won’t¬†have enough time to engage, experience, or learn. Teachers can¬†record, save, replay, and share the whole lesson that takes place on the¬†bright¬†digital screen, complete with audio and video files.¬†

YouTube teaching during this pandemic has caught the spotlight. If you are a teacher, you¬†don’t¬†need any new device or software to live stream classes as TutorPlus comes with a built-in live streaming feature.¬†Interactive Flat Panels doesn’t provide these capabilities.

5. Noise-cancelling Mic array and FHD 1080p camera

The majority of the ¬†Interactive Flat Panels don’t have a unique feature that supports the online classes with the best quality camera present in the TutorPlus. TutorPlus features an FHD 1080p HD camera with wide angle field of view. The camera placement can show you and the display to the children participating in the class remotely.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

A unique noise-canceling mic can detect your voice clearly from a distance of 12-15 feet away from the device, which gives you the advantage that you no need to use an external mic for online teaching.

6. Portability and Scalability

TutorPlus¬†is a compact device loaded with features, and it is portable and used wherever you go, and it fits the display units from 32″¬†to 75″, defining its scalable properties.¬†It can¬†fit¬†the existing screen at your home or in¬†the¬†classroom.¬†A typical Interactive Flat Panel¬†doesn’t¬†show¬†both of these¬†properties. Scalability gives you an additional advantage; you¬†can use TutorPlus based¬†on the¬†audience and platform. It¬†can be adjusted for¬†bigger and smaller screens.¬†¬†

7. Affordability

A product gets popular not just by the features. It must be affordable. TutorPlus¬†is much more inexpensive than a typical Interactive Flat Panel. You can Purchase TutorPlus¬†along with the 65″¬†display unit at¬†1/3rd¬†price of the Interactive Flat Panel¬†unit. This makes¬†TutorPlus¬†a more preferred solution for coaching classes, schools and universities.

8. Time to Set Up

TutorPlus takes a few minutes to install on the display unit. Once the device is mounted and calibrated, you are all set to use it. Interactive Flat Panels need support for the installation, and the time it takes for the initial setup is relatively higher than TutorPlus. TutorPlus, once installed, can be used instantly. 

How is the TutorPlus better than any Interactive Flat Panel?

Both are devices that promote digital teaching and share some of the standard features. Interactive Flat Panels are built and designed to support classroom teaching. These panels give a digital experience in the classroom. But TutorPlus is a futuristic device designed to suit the transforming conditions in the educational arena. TutorPlus has all desired features at an affordable price and more than any Interactive Flat Panel in the industry. TutorPlus includes all the features of the Interactive Flat Panels and supports even for remote learning and enhances the quality of the videos recorded for platforms like YouTube. 

Finally, as a teacher, if you want to stay ahead of time, deliver excellent quality in teaching during your classroom teaching or online teaching, TutorPlus is an intelligent choice.   

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