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How do you engage students in science class?

Engaging Students in Science Class

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The science teachers are the ones who trigger the imaginations of the children and build future scientists. Strangely, they lack the best tools to teach their students. They need sophisticated tools to enhance their understanding of scientific concepts. The best interactive whiteboards are always desirable for teachers to speak less and teach more to the students in the classroom. Interactive teaching has always been proven to be the best. The most updated technology is built to extract the students’ true power of imagination and visualization. 

There is a deep drop in the students’ attention span. So, you need to have some interesting tools to engage your students throughout the lecture. We brought some tips to make the science classes engaging. 

  1. As a teacher you need to have enthusiasm towards the topics and concepts before you teach your students. 
  2. You can call the experts of the subject to your class. It can inspire students to learn the concepts with more interest. 
  3. Use the best interactive whiteboard to make your class visual rich. 
  4. Get videos that connect science concepts with real-world. 
  5. You must prefer taking the children to the laboratory or at least prefer to demonstrate the activities virtually. 
  6. Keep the explanation simple and to the students’ level. 
  7. Build some activities that keep them hooked to the class and make the learning more fun. 

How are STEM tools useful in a science class?

The science and mathematics concepts can become their choice when taught using tools that can engage them to the fullest. Here are the benefits for students with STEM education tools.

  • Students can apply the previously learned concepts to understand the current topics.  
  • There will be increased student engagement in the classroom with technology in education.  
  • Students can collaborate on the tasks assigned remotely with the tools available. 
  • You can teach students how to use online resources to solve problems. Solving the problem alone can give the students a sense of accomplishment and increase their confidence. 
  • Shy students start participating in the classroom discussion sessions as they understand more and feel confident about the subject. 
  • These tools can give enormous freedom to students to learn at their own pace. They can refer to the teaching materials after they go home. 

STEM education tools in TutorPlus are incredible. They come along with the device, and just installing technology in the classroom is ultimately what you need to do.  

Let us see what all you can do with the best interactive whiteboards like TutorPlus, a portable interactive flat panel available at your disposal. 

Usecase I

Use multimedia to explain the concepts

As a teacher, you can pick up the relevant images from the browser and show them to the students. Click on the available cloud search option after opening the device’s AiCanvas. You can immediately type in the search query, and images and videos will appear on the screen. You can use them for your subject demonstration. 

Suppose you want to explain the human digestive system. Open the cloud search or browser in available widgets and give your query as the human digestive system. You can see the images related to the same and select them to bring onto the canvas. Annotate the images and explain the complex topics more easily. There are videos available to show students; they simply visualize what’s happening in our system. Thus, it enhances the understanding of the topic. 

Demonstrate the experiment virtually

You can display some videos of the science experiments that can deliver the virtual experience of performing the activity to the students. This kind of presentation of experiments to the students can ensure the retainment of the concepts for longer time. The virtual experimentation show can imprint the memory of activity in students’ minds. 

Usecase II

Draw the way they do in their books

You have all the tools stuffed in the AiCanvas to show your students how they draw an important diagram. Suppose you want to explain to students how the image is formed when a concave mirror is used by drawing a ray diagram. It is easy. 

  • Use the smart draw option to draw a perfect arc representing a concave mirror and a straight line across it as a principal axis. 
  • Now point the pole, focus, and center of curvature on the axis. 
  • To represent the object, draw a straight line perpendicular to the principal axis beyond the centre of curvature. 
  • Now you can use the same straight-line options to generate the image. 

This kind of demonstration to draw a diagram can always increase the confidence of the students to enhance their results and gain a better understanding of the concepts. The best interactive whiteboard helps you conduct the classes that matter to your students. 

Usecase III

Show what you want to highlight

Get the image on the screen and use a spotlight option to get the students to focus on the details. It blurs or completely obstructs the view of students on the unnecessary details while teaching. This kind of demonstration can imprint the image into the brains of the students.  

You can use a highlighter tool to highlight the text that is important to the students while teaching, like definitions and important terminology of that topic. You can use different colours for different contexts, which ensures the increased attention of students to the details. 

Usecase IV

Download applications to give trendy learning experience

You can get the top applications to teach science from Google PlayStore onto the device as it has built-in Android processor. A virtual chemistry laboratory application allows you to teach the experiments more interactively and engagingly. Some applications talk about frog direction, some help in solving fun engineering problems. This kind of approach to teaching science can generate interest in students to learn it.  

Usecase V

Access top science websites to teach students

Teachers can access the websites of renowned research centres like NASA, ISRO, CSA etc. You can instantly get the current research trends onto the screen by accessing the research publishing websites nature.com, cell.com, sciencedirect.com, and googlescholar.com. You can teach the students what the world knows. You can access the enormous content instantly. Technology in the classroom can maximize students’ digital literacy and teach them how to use the digital devices that are available to them. 

Find out how TutorPlus can help teach mathematics in a better way.

Ms. Ankita Patnaik, Founder FeLiNa’s PCMB Classes, shares her story of upgrading a normal whiteboard teaching to a complete digital teaching setup for YouTube and online classes.

Final words

TutorPlus brings great liberty to the teachers in the classroom while teaching. You can explore multiple student-learning tools. The best interactive whiteboards help students and teachers collaborate. Learning can be fun with TutorPlus. It is a device accessible to all teachers and easily fits into various learning modes. Online teachers who use YouTube as their streaming platform can use this device, and in-class teaching is also easy with the TutorPlus device. 

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