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How Do I Make My Math Class More Interactive?

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Let us imagine a situation where a mathematics teacher wants to teach geometrical construction on a traditional whiteboard. It is a pretty tricky task for the teacher to use the instruments and demonstrate the construction. If mathematics is not explained correctly, it may lead to math phobia in students and take them away from the subject.

Teachers often struggle to convey the real-time scenario to the students without specific images in the classroom. They need to find properties and carry them to the classroom to enhance the understanding of the students.

Students have lost interest in focusing or listening to the teacher for long periods of time. They need something interesting and interactive. For that, we have a solution to engage your students in math class and make them understand the most difficult concepts like trigonometry, drawing graphs, understanding solid objects, and learning geometrical constructions.

Let us understand how the tools in TutorPlus are helpful for a math teacher in different aspects.

Use Digital Geometrical Tools

It is the most interesting concept to the students when taught in an engaging way. If a teacher fails to do so, it can hinder learning. Let us understand how you can put the TutorPlus device to work for effective instruction on this topic.

Let’s try to figure out how you can use the device to construct a triangle.

  1. Open the built-in digital whiteboard.
  2. Select a background on which you can construct, preferably a plain one.
  3. Select a ruler from the geometrical tools.
  4. Draw a straight line of the desired length.
  5. Use the protractor from the same section to mark the angle and connect the points.
  6. Now use the compass to make an arc of a given length on the side.
  7. A triangle is constructed.

In the above scenario, the teacher can use all the tools like a ruler, protractor, and compass to demonstrate the geometrical construction to the student. It will replicate the exact conditions of the students and how they use the tools in real-time. This makes the student relate to their condition and quickly learn the concept.

Use Graph Background

Making a replica of a graph sheet on the traditional whiteboard is a tedious task. You may miss many details when you attempt to explain them on a whiteboard or a blackboard. TutorPlus can bring ease to the lives of the math teachers in the classroom. You can instantly get the graph sheet onto the display and elucidate it in detail in an interesting way.

As a teacher, you can select the background which resembles the graph sheet and draw two perpendicular axes on the canvas using a ruler and mark the units accordingly. Students can have a clear perception of the graph sheet in class. Students feel delighted when they see exactly what they have to do.

It promotes slow learners, removes the phobia of mathematics, and encourages them to take up more and more tasks. This can ignite the spark of confidence in attempting the math questions.

Use 3D Shapes & Figures

tips for teachers to make maths class more engaging

Teachers often face difficulty in making the students understand the terms they use in the mensuration concept. Lateral surface area, volume, total surface area, base area, side, edge, etc., are often used in mensuration lectures. Teachers need to make the 3D diagrams of prisms on the board to explain to students and to make them imagine the exact solid figure. They need to take examples of so many real-life properties.

All this can be solved with TutorPlus in the simplest manner. Under the widgets section of the AiCanvas, you can use the browser and pull the images right onto the screen.

Let us understand this in a stepwise manner.

  1. Open the built-in digital whiteboard.
  2. Select the browser under the widget section.
  3. Search for the solid shape you want to demonstrate.
  4. Let’s say it is “Cube.” Google it.
  5. Pull the images from the result onto the canvas.
  6. Show your students the base, face, and sides of the cube.
  7. You can annotate the image to make it clear, and later on, you can share the screen with the students.

You can make it even simpler.

  • Search for the solid shape in the search option available on AiCanvas.
  • Select the image and import it onto the screen.
  • Explain the shape to your students and share it with them after the class for their reference.

This kind of instruction can generate interest in students and increase their affinity toward math. What does the math teacher ultimately want from a student?

Final Words

Teachers need to look for innovative methods to generate interest in students. The most modern, cost-effective, and sophisticated way is to opt for TutorPlus as their medium to teach the students in the classroom. TutorPlus can be the best companion to a math teacher with all the necessary components to simulate the real-time conditions to demonstrate the subject most effectively to the students.

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