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Eight Easy Tips to Speed up the YouTube Video Creation Process

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Making a video lecture may be so time-consuming that it deters people who are just getting started on platforms like YouTube. Many teachers are experts at their subjects but may fail to create an engaging lecture video. According to research, learner engagement with instructional films begins to decline after 6min, and it drops drastically after 9min. As a result, it is critical to chunk training such that each video only addresses one learning goal or activity. A series of brief videos is preferable to a single long video. Even a short, well-edited video can take a lot of time and effort to produce, so it is important to know where the workload is hidden.

Here are the tips to fasten your YouTube video creation process

โ—‰ Use templates

Templates not only make the teacher’s job easier and more structured, but they also have an impact on the learning experience of the students. The elements needed for the lesson have been prepared and loaded in advance. You can easily put in new footage by saving and reusing pre-made templates instead of reinventing the wheel every time you build a new video. You can save branded templates with the proper typeface, colour, and watermark, or you can repurpose common video elements like intros and outros.ย 

โ—‰ Best video editing software

Whether you post your video on a social networking site or on YouTube, the chances of it becoming a hit are slim to none. In the worst-case scenario, the video does not achieve the desired learning objectives. The concept of video lectures appears overwhelming, given the amount of time and effort necessary to develop one. That’s where video editing software comes in, because it can speed up the movie-making process and save a lot of time and effort.ย 

โ—‰ Fix your surroundings

You do not need to use a professional studio, but you must find a location that meets your video class requirements. The brighter the atmosphere and the fewer items on the scene, the better. Arrange the setting for your recording so that it appears professional, organized, and neutral, so that the audience’s attention is drawn to you and your topic rather than the decor. You should be as comfortable as possible whether you are sitting or standing. Choose a noise-free location as much as possible, keeping in mind that any noise might degrade audio quality and harm the final product. Fix these settings and record the videos in the same setup to reduce your time and produce videos faster.ย 

โ—‰ Incorporate relevant images rather than videos

Educators know that videos outperform static images and graphics. Videos, on the other hand, can be more difficult to collect and edit. Text, photographs, and images may take less time to create.ย 

  • Videos having quotes or text slideshows that include animated text.ย 
  • Videos from Audiogram (an image with an audio overlay and subtitles).ย 
  • Posters and banners that are animated.ย 

โ—‰ Make it natural

Prepare your content flow and use a perfect device to stream or record your class. Recording the streamed class is also the best way for teachers to keep it interactive as a physical classroom. It is recommended to use an integrated device that can record your class and capture you simultaneously. There are some softwares that allows you to teach naturally like OBS and record it. These kinds of recordings may not require much editing process but keeps the students engaged.ย 

TutorPlus Hub

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TutorPlusย offers a varied range of products with diversified features. These devices are unique to convert any display to a touch-sensitive interactive device. The set-up time for these devices is quite low, so it reduces the time of setting up the surroundings. Once you have installed the device on the TV/Display unit there you are. You can simply record marvellous and flawless classes for your students. Once you plan the flow of the lecture the editing time it takes is quite less.ย 

โ—‰ Organize the content and material firsthand

Start with a rough copy of the material and messages you want to deliver, just like any other organized teacher. Remember to mix emotion with facts when learning how to construct excellent educational videos. Make your points with real-life examples that your audience will understand.ย 

When you are in the middle of a video editing session and under pressure, it is tempting to get lazy with file organization and save files to your Desktop with strange names. If you run this way, which is obviously not recommended, always wipe off your Desktop and Downloads folders at the end of the day. Relink the files in your video editing app after they have been moved into their proper folders. You will be glad you made the effort.ย 

โ—‰ Automatic subtitling

Video captions increase social media engagement significantly, but manual transcription takes time away from your day. Publishers can use machine-learning technology to generate captions automatically to speed up the subtitles process. Google has developed algorithms that can transform a video’s audio recording into text. Subtitles for a video can be generated automatically, which speeds up the post-production process. You merely need to polish up the machine-generated text, add stylistic flare, and publish instead of transcribing the speech from scratch.ย 

โ—‰ Hire freelancers for video editing and transcription

Because post-production work can be time-consuming, you might want to hire a virtual assistant or intern to assist you with video editing. It can be difficult to cooperate on editing chores with others because the files are enormous, and the most popular editing software is offline.ย ย 

Educators can employ a transcribing assistant to help them fine-tune and proofread their YouTube captions. Rather than spending time correcting errors and adjusting the speed and styling of an auto-transcription, pay someone a little fee to do it for you.ย 


I hope these tips help you in accelerating your video production. Being organizzed in post-production is critical, and it not only makes your workflow run more smoothly and quickly, but it also makes you feel more relaxed. Learning to make a high-quality instructional video does not happen fast; it takes a lot of trial and error, as well as creativity. Practice makes you a pro.ย 

Making your own teaching videos is a great way to flip your classroom, engage your students, and modernize your teaching skills in any case. So go forth and make something!ย 

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