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How Little Angels High School, Gwalior, set up Hybrid Classroom?

How Little Angels High School, Gwalior, set up Hybrid Classroom

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Little Angels High School (LAHS), Gwalior unlike many other schools in India, has overcome the problem of managing online classes. When no one has an idea how to initiate the classes, the real zeal of LAHS management to reach the students with quality education, irrespective of the student’s location, made it a model school in Gwalior. The way it has succeeded in providing education in an upgraded and innovative way kept it ahead of all the schools in their state. We have to appreciate the school embracing the new technology and using it for students. They have adapted to the changing conditions in the education industry and established an excellent hybrid classroom environment suitable for blended learning. 

In this short-read we shall explore the journey of LAHS towards the hybrid classroom model. First of all, we shall try to understand what precisely the LAHS school did amid all the restrictions imposed due to the COVID pandemic. The invention of the vaccine and the downfall of the number of cases led to adapting the new norm, the Hybrid Classroom or Hyflex (Hybrid-Flexible) Classroom. A Hybrid learning environment combines physically present students in the classroom with those who join the session virtually.

How has LAHS (Little Angels High School) management solved the problem?

Ms. Carmel Olyai has encountered TutorPlus website during her research for a digital teaching device to set up Hybrid Classroom. She found that TutorPlus could be the best possible solution for hybrid learning and approached our TutorPlus team. We explained the use cases of the product for which Ms. Olayi was totally convinced to buy one unit as a pilot, and now more than 20 classrooms are upgraded to Hybrid learning spaces with TutorPlus.  

“TutorPlus is an Incredible product and fulfills all the needs of Hybrid Learning. The features packed in the device at that affordable price range are really amazing. We are delighted with the TutorPlus product and customer support team. ” says¬† Ms. Carmel Olyai, Principal, LAHS, Gwalior, India.¬†

To mitigate all these issues by Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) and video conferencing solutions for setting up Hybrid Classroom, they have decided to install TutorPlus Live, which can offer all the following tools, which gave a perfect Hybrid Learning Experience to both in-class and remote students  

  1. Digital teaching tools  
  2. Multimedia content 
  3. 1080p FHD camera  
  4. Active noise-canceling mic array   
  5. Save, record & share classes 
  6. Budget-friendly   
  7. Clutter-free environment   

Why the TutorPlus can be your hybrid teaching companion?

It has reduced¬†their¬†budget manifolds because¬†TutorPlus is the device that¬†can turn the TVs into interactive panels,¬†has¬†an¬†integrated¬†Camera &¬†mic array.¬†The 1080p FHD¬†wide-angle camera can give a¬†sense¬†of being¬†in class to remote students. An¬†active noise-canceling mic array can air the teacher’s voice even from a¬†distance of 5m¬†that avoiding the external mic¬†usage.¬†With TutorPlus,¬†they no need to¬†set up any additional devices for¬†hybrid¬†teaching.¬†¬†

TutorPlus offers all the above requirements, unleashes the teachers’ true potential, and doesn’t hamper their teaching style. They were able to maintain perfect blending between the in-class and remote students. They observed a significant effect on the student’s engagement with the¬†TutorPlus¬†in the classrooms. They could conduct quizzes, group discussions, invite students to the same canvas with the simplest efforts.¬†¬†

Little Angels High School has turned 100% digital and fully equipped to handle the hybrid classes successfully. LAHS teachers started teaching digitally, interactively, and innovatively with TutorPlus at hand. 


The success of the organizations always relies on how fast they can change according to the new age requirements. You can become one like LAHS who can adapt to the changing conditions. According to the study conducted by the Center of Digital Education, the future is going to be blended learning. The Hybrid classroom model has shown a significant rise in student engagement to 73% of educators. We are here to help you transform the way you teach with TutorPlus.  

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