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Typical Interactive Flat Panel Vs. TutorPlus X

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Are you searching for an interactive flat panel that can revolutionize your teaching and pull a crowd of students to your institute? Then you have come to the right place. The market is filled with a cluster of EdTech brands. Many are brands that don’t have credibility. Many are in demand to make money. But TutorPlus, the brand, is built to help tutors and empower them with cutting-edge technology. TutorPlus is now the name of trust in the educational arena. Now, TutorPlus has developed an interactive flat panel for new-age tutors.  

TutorPlus can understand the struggles of tutors while conducting classes in the very limited time when students come to you and the time you put into recording the videos. It should be 100% focused on delivering the material, not on struggling with setting up or adjusting things. 

TutorPlus X, the interactive flat panel, is here to mitigate all the issues you face in a tutoring session. Your students would start feeling the classes like wow beyond the experience they get in their school classes. In this short read, we will see how the TutorPlus X interactive panel can be your choice to teach your students. TutorPlus X can be the partner of an experienced teacher and a budding teacher in the institution. 

The phenomenal touch performance

Any random panel in the market doesn’t always focus on offering the tutors the highest level of premium experience. The tech can be outdated. This generally happens in a panel. The panels you may see in the market have old infrared touch technology. It is not precise in touch and shows the lag and parallax that may disturb the students’ focus. TutorPlus X, IFP, has brought you its patented technology. Optical Touch technology works with an invisible grid of lasers and a Zero bonding gap between the display and outer glass. This technology offers higher levels of precision in touch, eliminating the parallax a speed touch response. All contribute to the exceptional touch experience. Students can clearly view the content on the screen. 

Transfer files wirelessly, there is no need for a pen drive.

As an experienced tutor, you may have plenty of material prepared in PPTs or PDFs. It is a struggle for every teacher to come to class, insert the pen drive into the Interactive flat panel, copy it to the digital board, and start teaching. When students get the time to chit-chat, it disturbs the classroom’s ambiance. You need to spend time beyond classroom walls and in the classroom. Put a check on that. On the TutorPlus X interactive flat panel, you can wirelessly share the files to the digital board and start teaching instantly. 

No compromise on the quality of your material

It is often a disappointing issue on a typical interactive flat panel when your material is displayed in a poor quality, with pixelation. If you stream classes or record the lecture with the same material, it disinterests your students. TutorPlus X, a world-class interactive panel specially built for tutors like you, never disappoints you. Your material, be it any format, PPT, PDF, or scanned copy, you see it as it is with the quality you have on the screen. Record the lecture session, explaining your material and making your students super happy. 

Unbelievable AI teaching assistant

If you are a solo tutor, you always want someone to assist you in preparing the material for your lessons and picking suitable videos and images, but budget constraints always pull you back. We understand this. This is the only interactive panel company that has ever given attention to this detail. Even if they have focussed on this aspect, they wanted you to buy the ready-made material. TutorPlus X, the world’s first interactive flat panel integrated revolutionary AI tool, Bright AI, that is exclusively developed for tutors, generates lesson PPTs in seconds for any topic and any grade, including all the elements of the lesson like multimedia, quizzes, assessments what not your class has everything and. It is not limited, you can curate and personalize to your teaching style, and with a few clicks, you can add images, text, or videos of your choice. Isn’t it a beauty in education? 

Bring life to your live-streaming sessions

You have an interactive flat panel and a lesson on the digital whiteboard; this alone would be fine to deliver a practical live class. TutorPlus has observed more is needed. We at TutorPlus have seen the difficulty of teachers in live class streamings on YouTube or any other platform. They struggle to interact with the students and get the responses, but the built-in BrightClass software of the TutorPlus X interactive flat panel gives an additional advantage to the teachers. Just post the question on the screen. Students can choose to simply scan the QR. You get every student’s response as a report; you don’t need to be involved in endless comments scrolling. 

The support system you yearn for

Putting a tremendous amount of money into buying some X panels in the market always leaves you feeling helpless, as the support system from those brands could be better. TutorPlus X is unlike usual interactive panels; the post-sales support system is promising, and we value the time. You can contact us via WhatsApp, call, or mail. You have all the means to reach you, and our executives will follow up till the issue gets resolved. 

TutorPlus X is exclusively designed for tutors. Even if you have just started teaching, the TutorPlus X interactive flat panel can turn you into a pro with its exceptional tools; if you are an experienced teacher, there you are. It amplifies your arsenal and makes your lessons and presentations go beyond the imagination. TutorPlus, with its revolutionary AI-enabled interactive flat panel, is becoming the choice of new-age teachers. 

TutorPlus X
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Why do you need an interactive flat panel in your classroom?

Adopting interactive flat panels has come under scrutiny from traditional educators, yet it is undeniably the need of the hour. As we navigate the evolving education scenario, there is a growing demand for innovative tools to enhance the learning experience.