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Top 10 Intelligent features to look for in an interactive flat panel for a coaching institute

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The choice is often straightforward when deciding to purchase a mobile phone or a PC. However, the decision-making process becomes more challenging when selecting an interactive flat panel. Unlike personal devices, interactive flat panels serve the purpose of enhancing the educational experience for students. They are intended to aid in teaching and bring efficiency and innovation to the classroom. The dilemma arises as teachers grapple with the many features available in the market, and many regret their choices after investing in a standard interactive flat panel. 

To ensure that your investment contributes meaningfully to your educational institution, making an informed decision is essential. Simply having interactivity on the screen may not be sufficient. The key lies in identifying the features that can truly transform an interactive flat panel into a revolutionary device for modern tutors, making the lecture sessions dynamic and engaging. Let’s delve into the crucial aspects that elevate an interactive flat panel from a mere display to a powerful tool for the new-age teacher. 

1. The highest quality of display screen

Today’s students are accustomed to high-quality visuals, having experienced top-notch displays on their mobile phones and TVs. Therefore, there needs to be more than optimal quality to be acceptable. Regarding interactive flat panels, a resolution lower than 4K UHD doesn’t meet the standard. This is important in providing students with a fantastic screen-viewing experience comparable to what they enjoy in the comfort of their homes. 

A 4K UHD display ensures superior image quality and contributes to an immersive learning environment. To further enhance the viewing experience, the outer covering of the screen should possess anti-glare properties, minimizing disruptions caused by reflections and ensuring clarity in various lighting conditions. Moreover, the screen should offer exceptional visibility from all angles, encompassing the entire class and facilitating a more inclusive learning atmosphere. Eliminating parallax, the discrepancy between the stylus point and the displayed image is another crucial factor for an uninterrupted and precise interactive experience. 

2. Interactivity with multi-touch functionality

An optimal interactive experience is non-negotiable; it should seamlessly mimic the feel of writing on paper with a pen. The absence of any jitter or lag during writing is paramount. TutorPlus X, equipped with Optical Touch technology and zero bonding technology, stands out by delivering a writing experience that is not only lag-free but also incredibly natural. 

For tutors seeking dynamic and engaging teaching methods, the ability to invite students to the digital board is essential. TutorPlus X goes beyond by offering multi-touch functionality, supporting up to 20 touch points. This empowers teachers to foster collaboration and encourage active participation in lecture sessions, transforming the traditional classroom into an interactive and inclusive learning environment. 

3. Operating system to enhance the performance

Modern-day tutors are well-acquainted with the usage of both Windows and Android operating systems, each presenting its own set of advantages and limitations. Being highly intuitive, Android requires minimal effort for teachers to adapt, as its interface is self-explanatory. Teachers can seamlessly navigate and operate it with a user-friendly design without additional learning. It essentially functions like a giant tablet, offering a familiar experience akin to using a mobile phone. 

On the other hand, while slightly more intricate, Windows provides a robust platform with versatile applications. Although it may necessitate some initial training for teachers to harness its full potential, the investment in learning is often rewarded with enhanced capabilities and broader functionalities. Both operating systems offer unique benefits, and their choice ultimately depends on tutors’ preferences and specific requirements for delivering effective and engaging lessons. 

4. Software that gives extra power to the teachers

This crucial feature of the interactive flat panel serves as the central hub, akin to the brain of the body, providing tutors with essential teaching tools and harnessing the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence through integrated software. In the case of TutorPlus X, its comprehensive teaching software includes BrightClass, tailored to meet contemporary tutors’ specific needs and demands. These software solutions align with the latest advancements in education and empower tutors to deliver impactful lessons in the current era of teaching. 

5. Portability of the interactive panel

In a tutorial center with a modest number of students but a desire to offer a modernized approach to education, the portability of the interactive flat panel emerges as a game-changer. Mounting the panel on a movable trolley introduces a versatile solution, allowing it to be seamlessly transferred between different classrooms. This innovative setup ensures that every student in the center can experience the same cutting-edge technology, providing a consistent and updated educational environment for all. 

6. Screen recording to share the classes later

The ability to record sessions on the digital board of the interactive flat panel is immensely beneficial for tutors and students. In tutorial centers, which serve as supplements to conventional schooling, students often have the flexibility to attend classes at their convenience. In such scenarios, the recording feature of the interactive flat panel becomes a valuable asset, acting as a lifeline to share recorded lectures with absent students. 

This feature ensures that the screen’s visual content is recorded and captures the tutor’s voice through the microphone and any multimedia sound. This comprehensive recording capability guarantees that students never miss a moment of the class, providing them with a real-time classroom experience even when attending remotely. It supports the learning continuity for absentees and adds an extra layer of convenience and accessibility to the educational process. 

7. Never forget to see the AI features of the interactive panel

“In the ever-evolving landscape of education, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, and the tutoring sector is no exception. While schools may have the luxury of staff, ranging from assistant teachers to subject experts, smaller tutorial centers often operate on more constrained budgets, making AI an invaluable resource.  

Traditionally, AI in education has been akin to a sophisticated search engine, providing fitting images and videos for lessons. However, TutorPlus X has ushered in a new era with groundbreaking features such as the AI text recognition tool BrightAI. This tool goes beyond simple search functionalities, generating comprehensive lesson plans, questions, and assessments tailored to the specific curriculum of the class. 

One standout feature is the ability to input equations, allowing AI to solve them and provide accurate solutions—a boon for tutors and students. Moreover, TutorPlus X incorporates an AI shape recognition tool, which is particularly advantageous in science and mathematics classes. This innovative tool enhances the teaching experience by accurately identifying and illustrating geometric shapes and mathematical figures, bringing a new dimension to interactive learning.” 

8. Instant live streaming feature

As modern tutors, breaking free from the confines of a traditional tutorial center is the new norm. A powerful tool like an interactive flat panel becomes indispensable to facilitate this expanded reach. Moreover, the ability to instantly stream classes live adds a dynamic dimension to your teaching approach. It is crucial to ensure that the interactive flat panel supports seamless live streaming on YouTube or any other channel. 

Going live allows you to transcend physical boundaries and opens up opportunities for students to learn from the comfort of their homes. This caters to the evolving needs of learners and aligns with the emerging trend of blended learning, heralding a future where education seamlessly integrates both traditional classroom settings and online platforms for an enriched and flexible learning experience. 

9. Infinite canvas or pages to make learning continuous

As students, many of us may have envisioned the convenience of an infinite canvas—a space where all our notes seamlessly coexist, eliminating the need for constant rewriting or losing valuable content. However, the limitations of traditional white marker boards and standard interactive flat panels often hindered the realization of this dream.  

Now, as tutors, the opportunity arises to turn this vision into reality by embracing advanced interactive panels. These cutting-edge panels offer the luxury of a limitless canvas, allowing tutors to complete an entire lesson within a single space. This streamlines the teaching process and brings immense satisfaction to students. They no longer need to spend time copying notes during class; instead, they can fully engage in listening and absorbing knowledge without the fear of missing any crucial information. 

Choosing advanced interactive panels transforms the teaching experience and enhances the learning journey, providing a more efficient and student-friendly approach to knowledge delivery. 

10. Cost-effective panel

Running coaching centers often involves tight budgets, especially for solo teachers or partnerships with limited financial resources. In such scenarios, choosing an interactive flat panel becomes crucial, necessitating a cost-effective solution. But how can one determine the cost-effectiveness of a panel? 

As the tutor of the academy, your primary goals revolve around making complex concepts accessible to students and ensuring their understanding without confusion. Simultaneously, the interactive flat panel should contribute to boosting enrollments. When evaluating a panel, ask yourself if it can successfully achieve these two key objectives. If your answer is a resounding yes, without hesitation, then you have found a cost-effective interactive flat panel that aligns with your budget constraints. Prioritizing these goals ensures that your investment enhances the teaching and learning experience and serves as a valuable tool for attracting and retaining students. 

Wrapping up

These essential features are imperative to elevate your teaching potential and garner recognition within the community of your tutorial center. Enter TutorPlus X, a revolutionary solution crafted to empower tutors in the new era, encouraging them to surpass their limits with cutting-edge features. As the world’s first AI-enabled interactive flat panel tailored specifically for tutors and coaching institutes, TutorPlus X is a game-changer. Seize the opportunity to expand your horizons and make a significant impact on education with the TutorPlus X interactive flat panel. 

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