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The ultimate guide to choosing an interactive flat panel for your classroom

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Consider investing in an interactive flat panel for your coaching classes—a decision that can significantly enhance your teaching environment and positively impact enrolments. This one-time investment promises productivity and long-term benefits for your coaching institute. However, choosing the right interactive flat panel that aligns with your classroom needs is crucial. Here are key aspects to consider before making a decision: 

1. Display size can maximise the experience

Optimising the display size is crucial for an enriched learning experience. Achieving the right balance, however, can be challenging. Ideally, the correct display size ensures that students can clearly read a 20-point font from the farthest point in the classroom. To determine the appropriate size for your classroom, consider factors such as the room dimensions and the number of students. 

For larger classrooms with 30 to 40 students, opting for a sizable display, such as a 75-inch panel, is advisable. In contrast, smaller classrooms benefit from a more compact 43-inch panel. Recognizing the prevalent trend of Indian tutorial centers operating in limited spaces with a smaller student population, TutorPlus X has specifically designed a 43-inch panel to cater to the unique needs of tutors in such environments. 

2. The build quality of the panel

Consider the build quality of the interactive flat panel as a critical factor in enhancing the overall aesthetics of the classroom. Opt for a panel crafted from premium metallic materials, not only to augment the visual appeal but also to provide additional durability. The inclusion of toughened glass for the screen adds a protective layer, guarding against any unforeseen disruptions in the class. Investing in the best build quality not only adds longevity to the panel but also ensures resilience in the dynamic and varied environments of classrooms. 

3. Specifications of the panel

Prioritize a UHD 4K display for the interactive flat panel to guarantee top-notch visual quality, thereby elevating the overall learning experience for students. The inclusion of internal speakers is indispensable, negating the necessity for external audio connections and simplifying the classroom setup. 

The processor and operating system have a significant impact on the interactive flat panel’s performance, especially when handling a lot of data during classroom sessions. When choosing an operating system, consider the benefits of Windows and Android. While Windows may require special training for teachers, Android functions much like a larger mobile phone, offering a self-explanatory and intuitive interface in the classroom. 

4. Number of point of contacts

As classroom dynamics evolve, teachers increasingly encourage active student participation. To foster engagement, having multiple touch points is essential. With more than 10 points of contact, you can facilitate simultaneous interaction for two students on the digital board. TutorPlus X provides an impressive 20 multi-touch points, ensuring a versatile and collaborative learning environment. 

5. Connectivity to the interactive panel

Versatile connectivity is crucial for seamless material transfer to the interactive panel. Look for a panel equipped with various ports, including HDMI, USB-A, USB-C, and Ethernet, to accommodate different devices and facilitate easy content sharing. Teachers shouldn’t be burdened with the need to carry physical storage devices like a pendrive or hard disk to class for material transfer. Prioritise panels that offer wireless connectivity options, enabling teachers to effortlessly transfer teaching materials such as PowerPoint presentations or PDFs without the hassle of physical media. 

6. The best integrated software with simple UI

Integrated software that goes beyond addressing classroom limitations complements an exceptional interactive flat panel. Opt for top-notch software, such as the BrightClass teaching application bundled with TutorPlus X, to streamline teacher efforts and enhance student learning outcomes. This comprehensive classroom teaching software boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring that teachers can navigate it intuitively without requiring special training. Look for software that includes best-in-class teaching tools for educators, along with easy sharing options for efficient distribution of notes to students. 

7. Don’t ignore the after-sales support

Overlooking the importance of after-sales support can lead to disappointment if your investment in upgrading your tutorial centre with an interactive flat panel does not meet expectations. Prioritise inquiring about the after-sales support offered for the panel. The TutorPlus team stands out with its dedicated support system, committed to resolving any issues promptly and ensuring that your investment continues to perform optimally. 

Consideration of these factors will guide you in selecting the optimal interactive flat panel for your needs. TutorPlus offers a comprehensive range of panels, ranging from 43” to 75”. Seek assistance from the TutorPlus team to help you choose the panel that best suits your classroom requirements. TutorPlus X, in particular, stands out as a panel embedded with all the essential features for teachers to seamlessly transition to digital teaching and elevate their overall teaching experiences. 

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Why do you need an interactive flat panel in your classroom?

Adopting interactive flat panels has come under scrutiny from traditional educators, yet it is undeniably the need of the hour. As we navigate the evolving education scenario, there is a growing demand for innovative tools to enhance the learning experience.